You're likely here because someone you respect mentioned my name, or you stumbled upon one of my LinkedIn posts, LIVE episodes, or was a feature on the business platform of another professional with whom you have interest. Whichever the path, I'm really glad it led you here.

I am about reciprocity and this site has so much enrichment. Enjoy the resources and ideas that can help you transform your personal and professional life. That's right! The two aren't so isolated. At least, I believe they shouldn't be. And, that's for another page, another conversation. As for now, check out the information below so you can find more of what you're looking for. And, if it makes sense, we can start something ah-mazing together.

A daughter of the U.S. Army, it’s ingrained in me to do life in community. For me, home is not a geographic location or an edifice. It’s wherever I am and with whomever I want it to be.


After having lots, losing much, and being fully redeemed, I can relate to life not being picture perfect. I am a work in progress, focused on creating a meaningful life entrepreneurship. I’m a matriarch in my family, a leader for the generations to come, and an answered prayer for those that came before me. I am a creative at heart and have a deep affinity for helping Solopreneurs succeed.


“Serial Optimist”, “Business Therapist”, and the “Queen of Change”, are terms of endearment gifted to me by my clients, peers, and former colleagues. Guiding others through and out of overwhelm, for me, isn’t just philosophy. And, it’d be my pleasure to support you through your journey.

I help CEOs, their teams, and entrepreneurs of all kind take action on new ideas, breakup with overwhelm, and use processes to achieve desired results.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an innate ability to think in an organized manner. Being high energy, pragmatic, and a DOER, significant investments in professional development sharpened my skills and took them even further. I’ve always been curious, resilient, and solution oriented. Solving problems and orchestrating concepts is about making complex things simple.


For over 15 years, I’ve been helping others through consulting and the principles of Project Management, and I’m still loving it! Through this transferable skill set, I help change processes, systems, and people for better. It enables us to put out positive change into the world, and to do so with great versatility. 


Throughout my years of experience, I’ve earned many certifications, and have been recognized and awarded over 9 times in the areas of leadership, social impact, implementation, contribution, and exemplary service.

As for credentials, I hold a global certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP®), a Master of Business Administration Degree from American InterContinental University and, a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Valdosta State University.

I’m here to serve. My company is human centric, built on a compassion for people, turning suffering into service. I use a comprehensive approach that supports CEOs, their teams, and aspiring entrepreneurs to overcome struggles on both professional and personal levels.


I thrive on helping others take action on new, profitable ideas and activate a leadership discipline and best practices that promote sustainable business. It is also a great pleasure to deliver project management workshops, trainings, and inspirational speeches to help professionals apply themselves, achieve more, and find worth in their existing experiences and capabilities.


It is my full intention to create a space for people to reflect, replenish, and get into alignment with reaching their (and their company’s) greatest potential.