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Thousands of Content Gurus Can't Be Wrong: Learn Why Their Strategies on Consistency Aren’t Working For You

business business success consistency entrepreneurship goal setting mindset productivity results success Jan 13, 2022

By TaJuanna M. Taylor


I want to challenge the idea of consistency.

People sing this like it’s the answer to all problems. As if being consistent alone will strip you of your accountability. I’m so annoyed with it!

What if you’re consistently doing the wrong things for yourself?

What if you’re consistently choosing activities and feeling obligated to do things that don’t lead you to success?

What if… you're consistently thinking poorly about yourself and your outcomes are the result of you holding yourself back?!

Now, let’s think about THAT for a moment.


It’s the first component in my proprietary strategy, The D.O.N.E. Formula™. It’s about helping you get more accomplished by outsourcing and collaborating with others to be more efficient and work less.

Regardless of how excited you may be, no strategy alone will serve you if you don’t decide to use it!

Read that one more time for that self-critical voice in the back of your mind that shuts you down every time you decide you’re going to make a change for the better.

Ask me how I know…

Seriously. Go ahead. I'll keep an eye out for your message. 

This isn’t some cool theory that I only coach and teach.

It’s a life practice that I have to reiterate regularly. And, as a certified Project Consultant I've had the privilege of gaining over 15 years of experience with thousands of employees within multi-million dollar businesses.

I’ve learned change is a sure constant. Keeping up with change… well… unless it’s programmed into a machine, there are no guarantees that it’ll stick past the passionate moment the need for it is expressed.

We’re not machines. We’re human. Highly capable of change, yet not easily re-programmed. We require learning (or unlearning), sharing, and applying techniques repeatedly over time for impact to last.

We can make a pretty checklist.

We can design the most beautiful Kanban board.

We can map a lip drooling, time blocked, color-coded calendar…

But if we don’t decide to commit to them…

Without effective use, not one strategy, app, or tool will change our lack of time, our habits, our use of money, our results.

Not one.

Do you know what will?

Our decisions.

I once had a mindset coach that would encourage, “Make decisions that will promote your future self.”

Whenever I find myself not matching up to a certain desired outcome…

I have to stop and acknowledge: I didn’t commit my actions to the proper objective.

For example:

Our objective is to build a profitable business. But we shy away from talking about our services. There’s no other promotional activity. As a result, we don’t sell.

Our objective is to spend more time with family. But we keep doing “just one more thing.” Minutes turn to hours. Hours turn to days… Our business wasn’t meant to trap you. It’s supposed to liberate us, not choke out our lives. Autonomy should not be caged.

Our objective is to help people use our gifts, passions, and talents through our products and services. But we’re tired, overworked, undercharging, and underrepresented. Too few people know that we can help them.

You get the drift. 

And this happens far too often for far too many entrepreneurs. They become victims of consistency to over-learning, overthinking, and ultimately overwhelm.

Let’s normalize consistently choosing to make decisions that will activate the crazy faith it took us to launch our businesses, and that will manifest the visions we have in our hearts for our future generations.


When it comes to YOUR business growth and success, what’s one decision you will commit to making that will promote your consistency to follow-through?


It’ll be a pleasure to hear from you. Comment below.



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